Albion’s Big Read: The Book


A modern remix of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Ibi Zoboi’s Pride tells the story of the sharp-witted Zuri Benitez, a rising high school senior with her sights set on Howard University. Zuri loves books, the loud, loving chaos of her family, and the neighborhood in Brooklyn where she has lived her whole life. When the wealthy Darcy brothers move in across the street, Zuri finds herself keenly aware of how her neighborhood is changing around her. Like Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett before her, Zuri has to figure out how to be true to who she is, what she believes, and how she feels.


Book Hubs are places in our community where Albion residents and students can pick up their FREE copy of Pride to keep, share, and READ! The 2019 Book Hub locations are:

  • Albion District Library, 501 S. Superior Str.

  • City Hall, 112 W. Cass Str.

  • Albion Housing Commission, Charles Snyder Center, 1300 Cooper Str.

  • Albion College English Department, 4th floor of Vulgamore Hall

  • Pure Albion, 410 S. Superior Str.