2018 Photo Gallery

Welcome to Albion's 2018 Big Read Photo Gallery! It is our goal to share the joy from the Big Read Summer Youth Leadership Program and the entire Big Read month. The gallery is separated by events, which are categorized by date. The most recent event is listed at the top of this page. Click any small photo to make it larger, and use the arrows shown on collections to browse. Enjoy!

Albion’s 2018 Big Read Keynote Address and CELEBRATION!
November 1, 2018

Kekla Magoon, award-winning novelist, co-author of the 2018 Big Read Title, X: a Novel, helped us close out Albion’s fourth Big Read at last year’s CELEBRATION! Ms. Magoon shared what it was like to write from the perspective of young Malcolm X. She explained, "Malcolm changed what we think and believe. We're still talking about him 50 years after his death! He didn't know that when he was 14." She challenged the audience, "What will you do? What would you have to do tomorrow? Once you accept that your voice matters, how are you going to use it?" Thank you, Albion, for a powerful and memorable 2018 Big Read!

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 23, 2018

Big Read Leaders Xavion, Aja, D’ara, Marshall, and Lauren led a discussion about X: a Novel using mMusic and Loneliness as guiding topics. Participants were asked to consider these prompts: “Describe a time when you or Malcolm felt lonely,” and “Describe a time when music connected you or Malcolm to someone. Who were they? What role did music play?” It was a dynamic conversation about the ways people interact and the ways that listening to music helps—or does not help—people connect to one another. We would like to thank our wonderful hosts, the Albion Branch NAACP and Marshall Youngish Professionals.

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 21, 2018

Anger and Education were the topics for Big Read Youth Leaders Atiyah, Ta’Liyah, and Passionae and their discussion of X: a Novel. The trio asked participants to consider two prompts: “Describe a time when you or Malcolm were angry. What did you do before/after?” and “Describe a time when you or Malcolm learned something that surprised you/him.” Quickly, the conversation evolved into one about the ways our culture and institutions dilutes Black history in formal and informal ways. We would like to thank the local chapter of the Association of American University Women (AAUW) for hosting this youth-led discussion!

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 20, 2018

Big Read Leaders Ahjia, Ivan, and Za’Riah led a discussion about decisions. It evolved into a discussion about bad decisions and decisions that we make even though the people we love tell us not to. We thank our dynamic host, the Albion Sister City Committee!

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 14, 2018

Big Read Youth Leaders Bebe, Niya, and Maliya invited participants to think about Music and Travel as guiding topics for their discussion about X: a Novel. They asked participants to consider two prompts: “Describe a time when you or Malcolm heard music. Where were you/was he? How did you/he feel?” and “Describe a time when you/Malcolm traveled. Where did you/he go? How did you/he feel?” The conversation became one about how both music and travel can make us feel a contracting combination of excited and nervous all at once. We would like to thank Schuler Arts Creativity Retreat Center for hosting this youth-led discussion!

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 13, 2018

In their public, community-wide book discussion about X: a Novel, Big Read Leaders Tyland, Fred, Jamiyah, and Ella used Competition and Home as their anchor topics. Participants were asked to consider two prompts. The first was, “Describe a time when you or Malcolm competed against someone,” and the second was, “Identify your home town or Malcolm’s home town. Explain why you chose that place.” The discussion participants and Leaders guided that conversation into one about how home towns can be the one we are born, where we find ourselves most comfortable, and more. We also explored the complexities of competition, winning, and losing. We would like to thank our dedicated hosts, Psi Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 10, 2018

Using Family and Hopes/Desires as their topics, Big Read Leaders Aaliyah, Grace, Ta’Jyanna, and Maliya led a discussion about X: a Novel. Participants were asked to consider these prompts: “Identify someone that you or Malcolm claim as family who isn’t biologically related to you,” and “Describe something that one of Malcolm’s family members hoped/desired for him or that one of your family members hopes/desires for you.” The discussion evolved into one about how relationships are both beautiful, complex, and intertwined with value. We would like to thank our dedicated hosts, Sisters Influencing Society.

Inaugural Big Read LECTURE and 2018 Coy James Lecture:
A Night with Ilyasah Shabazz
October 2, 2018

Albion was honored to host co-author of Albion's 2018 Big Read book and daughter of Malcolm X, Ilyasah Shabazz. Her day began with a visit to Harrington Elementary with a reading and Q&A session. After a special reception that evening, her visit ended at the Bohm Theater for the Inaugural Big Read Lecture and 2018 Coy James Lecture. The event included performances from the 4H Expressive Arts Program, a reading from award-winning poet, Roger Bonair-Agard, and a reading by and public interview with Ms. Shabazz.

Youth-led Book Discussion
October 1, 2018

Big Read Leaders Emmylou, Olivia, India, and Ja’Kobe led a discussion about X: a Novel using the topics of Empowerment and Judgement. Participants were asked to consider these prompts: “Describe a time when you or Malcolm felt empowered by learning something,” and “Describe a time when you or Malcolm felt judged.” It led to a fabulous discussion about the ways people use their power and the different ways it can be perceived. We would like to thank our generous hosts, Stirling Books and Brew and the Albion District Library.

Albion’s 2018 Big Read Kick Off
September 29, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out to the historic Holland Park/West Ward to celebrate the beginning of Albion's FOURTH Big Read! The celebration started with a parade and continued all afternoon with circus performers, face painting, community art, live music, student and local organizations, and local food vendors. It was a beautiful day of celebrating with friends, families, and neighbors. Photos taken by Madeline Drury, Emmylou Christensen, and Grace Sobaski.

Big Read Youth Leadership Program
September Meetings

Albion's Big Read Youth Leadership CAMP!
August 6 - 10, 2018

Albion's Youth Leadership Program comes to a head with our weeklong CAMP! We continued to build Big Read Family, discussed topics from X: a Novel, watched film, hunted for clues on Albion College's campus, created works of personal and community art, and began preparing to lead book discussions to come in October. 




Day 4

Day 5

Big Read Leader Youth Leadership Program
June - July 2018

Albion's Big Read begins long before October. Once a week for six weeks in June and July, Youth Leaders, College Volunteers, and Big Read staff gathered together as part of the Big Read Youth Leadership Program. We played games, read and discussed X: a Novel, and ultimately built what we proudly call our Big Read Family.