Albion's Big Read is a program that aims to empower youth and bring communities together through shared reading experiences. 




Join us at the Kick-Off on Saturday, September 30, 2017! Click here to learn more about other celebrations, concerts, discussions, and more. Events are free and open to the public! 

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It takes an entire community to make Albion's Big Read possible. Click here to meet our 2017 Leaders, College Volunteers, committee, and sponsors. 

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Albion's Big Read has made several appearances in newspapers, online articles, and other publications. Click here to read local and national news about our program.

“...Albion’s Big Read captures the way that community is born out of beautiful ordinary acts: talking, listening, shaking hands, learning names, occupying space together, sitting next to one another, having a thing as simple as a physical book (that is, not even the story inside the pages) in common with one another.
Those acts are the work of community building.”
— Jess Roberts, Director of Albion's Big Read