2018 Photo Gallery

Welcome to Albion's 2018 Big Read Photo Gallery! It is our goal to use visual representations of the Big Read to share the joy from the Big Read Youth Leadership Program and throughout the Big Read month. The gallery is separated by events, which are categorized by date. The most recent event is listed first. Click any small photo to make it larger, and use the arrows shown on collections to browse. 

Big Read Youth Leadership Program
September Meetings

Albion's Big Read Youth Leadership CAMP!
August 6 - 10, 2018

Albion's Youth Leadership Program comes to a head with our weeklong CAMP! We continued to build Big Read Family, discussed topics from X: a Novel, watched film, hunted for clues on Albion College's campus, created works of personal and community art, and began preparing to lead book discussions to come in October. 




Day 4

Day 5

Big Read Leader Youth Leadership Program
June - July 2018

Albion's Big Read begins long before October. Once a week for six weeks in June and July, Youth Leaders, College Volunteers, and Big Read staff gathered together as part of the Big Read Youth Leadership Program. We played games, read and discussed X: a Novel, and ultimately built what we proudly call our Big Read Family.