About Albion's Big Read

Albion's Big Read aims to provide children, teens, adults, and the entire community with the opportunity to come together and engage through shared reading experiences. Albion's Big Read has two primary goals:

  • Value and empower youth
  • Provide opportunities for diverse groups to come together and interact in meaningful ways

Albion's Big Read month officially begins with a Kick-Off Parade and Celebration in late September or early October. However, Big Read staff members gather with local 8th, 9th, and 10th graders from June through August at the Big Read Youth Leadership Program. There our staff and college volunteers work alongside the Youth Leaders to facilitate community-wide book discussions that occur during the official Big Read month. When October arrives, the entire month brings these book discussions hosted by community organizations, along with celebrations, parades, speakers, concerts, films, and more! Check out our event calendar to stay updated on our most recent developments. 

About Our 2017 Title: True Grit

By Charles Portis

Set out west in the 1870s, True Grit tells a story of adventure and revenge. Mattie Ross, a tenacious fourteen year-old, teams up with "double tough" U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf to pursue the man who killed her father. You will find in this book many of the things you find right here in Albion--courage, friendship, loyalty, humor, mighty girls, complexity, messiness, and, of course, TRUE GRIT. 

Book Hubs

Any Albion resident may receive a FREE copy of  the Albion's chosen Big Read title. "Book Hubs" are places in our community where folks in Albion (residents and students alike) can pick up their FREE copyBook Hub locations are announced in September. To request your copy, email us at albionbigread@gmail.com